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Thinking responsibly. Acting concretely

Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility 

Cristina Bombassei, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, explains Brembo’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility and the importance of the Sustainability Report for the Group:



Dear All,

I am particularly proud to introduce you all to this first edition of the Brembo Group’s Sustainability Report.

The commitment to the environment we live in and to all the topics we will discuss in this Report have been firmly rooted in Brembo’s DNA ever since we started our operations in Italy and worldwide.

The aim of this Report is to offer all of our stakeholders, from the people we employ over three continents, our shareholders and our suppliers, to any person or entity who has anything to do with Brembo, an exhaustive, thorough and transparent overview of our strategies, the actions we have taken, those we will continue to take and the results achieved in the sustainability field.

This Report is the outcome of impressive team work started at the beginning of 2016. Work that has allowed us to structure a constant and extensive monitoring process for the Group’s non-financial performance, creating a document that will always accompany and supplement our Annual Report from now on.

The sustainability values and principles contained in this Report have been an integral part of our daily activities since the Company came into being, but they also represent a concrete response to the community’s increasing awareness of the effects of doing business and the rising demand for transparency requested by international laws.

Although the term “sustainability” is for many an almost automatic byword for “environment”, and in fact this aspect is one of the key pivots of Brembo’s operations, it is certainly not the only one we wish to emphasise: the increase in socially responsible investment, which the entire business world is now being asked to contribute to, includes actions supporting very important social topics.

For this reason, as well as for listing and illustrating how much Brembo is doing in terms of product and process innovation in order to improve the environmental impact aspect even more, the Sustainability Report describes the social and cultural development programmes that the Company has launched in Italy and in many countries in which we operate. In fact, we are convinced that it is the duty of those who, like Brembo, receive so much from the local area, to contribute in turn to the growth of the local community.

I believe that the title of the first of the six chapters into which the Report is organised, namely “Thinking responsibly. Acting concretely.”, sums up Brembo’s approach on the sustainability issue in a particularly effective way, and also combines well with the other concepts that give the next chapters their titles: ongoing evolution based on shared values, transparent architecture of cutting-edge processes, passion and talent multiplied by 9,042, safety:excellence from the concept to the finished product, growing in harmony with the local area. Together and wherever.
These concepts, principles of conduct and directions make us who we are.
This is what we want to convey and share with you also through this publication.

CSR Officer Cristina Bombassei


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